An age old question...

Why couldn't Scotland rule itself?

We produce more tax per head than anyone else in the UK, we have our fisheries, our whiskey industries and we put some other nations to shame courtesy of our natural resources. Not to mention we are world renowned for our ship building industry.

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It's the spark that starts the fire!

September 24th, 2014 | By: Colin

If you'd asked anyone a decade ago about the impact Salmond and Sturgeon had on Scotland, they would have thought we had had a boom in our fisheries industry!

Happily we know them now as our First Minister and our soon to be, first female First Minister of Scotland and who, in the recent history of Scotland, has had a bigger impact? Find out more >>

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An apology!

I imagine that you already noticed that a website once occupied this space and no longer does.

When the site was compromised, all data was dropped. This will mean you will have to re-register for the forum. It's taken me days to restore functionality, it should take everyone else less than a minute. Your patience is very much appreciated.

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